Ca Mau approves VND 400 billion plan to preserve U Minh Ha National Park
  • | Nhan Dan | August 28, 2016 07:25 PM
The Ca Mau provincial authorities have approved a VND 400 billion (US$ 17.92 million) plan to preserve and develop the U Minh Ha national park.

 A swamp in the U Minh Ha National Park (Source: WWF Vietnam)

The plan targets to safeguard the biological diversity, natural landscape of the park as well as promote the reasonable use of forestry resources there.

Accordingly, the situation of the national park will be thoroughly evaluated in order to designate a planning for different functional areas. Action programmes and solutions will be built to better the management of the park, improve forest fire prevention and control, and preserve biological diversity.

In addition, the awareness on current legal regulations on protecting the park of those working in the park, as well as residents living in the core zone of the site will also be raised.

The plan is also expected to boost ecological tourism and community-based tourism in Ca Mau province, helping to connect the locality with the tourism sitemap of the Mekong river delta.

U Minh Ha National Park has a total area of 8,527.8 hectares, spreading across Khanh Binh Tay Bac and Tran Hoi communes of Tran Van Thoi district and Khanh An and Khanh Lam communes of U Minh district.

Nearly 2,600 hectares is designated as the core zone subject to strict protection while around 5,190 hectares are zoned off for preserving and restoring the cajeput forest biological systems. The remaining area, 743 ha, is used for administrative and support facilities as well as eco-tourism activities.

U Minh Ha National Park was recognised by UNESCO as one of the three core zones of the Ca Mau World Biosphere Reserve in June 2009.

The park was home to distinctive flora and fauna including 32 mammal species and 74 bird species. It is currently home to 700-800 heads of deer, hundreds of wild boars and a variety of precious birds.

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