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Creaative Dance – METTLER Scholarship

2 semesters: 06 Feb – 29 May, 2022

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MHFpEVogLITdLWGNK-NodsP0RgKca0jqiAoqtEpWUQM/viewform?edit_requested=true

From the organizer:

Mettler-based Creative Dance Scholarship program provides an introduction to the underlying principles and teaching methods used in Mettler-based Creative Dance. The scholarship is provided by Mettler Studio Inc., USA & Vietnam Dance/Movement Therapy for professional and personal development.

Feb 19 – 26, 8 pm

A play inspired from 1st act of Antigone

From the original screenplay by Sophocles, Saigon Theatreland finds the affinities in the social context and people’s suffering in the heart of Saigon in the pre 1970s. Therefore, we decide to conduct a Vietnamese version.

In the midst of receiving the brother’s death news and hopelessly asking for her sister’s companion in bringing the corpse back to their hometown, An finds out that her father decreed the command. Distraughtly, An tries to query the distant father but it turns out that she cannot only count on herself and do what she believed in.

Hanoi-Classic Greek play performed by Vietnamese contemporary dancers

Until March 19,

Vietnam National Opera & Ballet

Contemporary dance Antigone is a part of Antigone project which is funded by Goethe Institute in Hanoi. Under the project, Vietnamese artists in Hanoi and HCM City are invited to perform Antigone.

Hoi An-Lantern Festival

Until Feb 15, 2022,

Hoi An Memories Island, Quang Nam Province

The 2022 Hoi An Lantern Festival, a special cultural and art event held to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year.

Featuring a series of cultural performances and art celebrations, marking the start of post-COVID-19 tourism events for 2022.


Hanoi- Exhibition: “Blank”

Feb 13 – 22, 09 am – 09 pm
V-Art Space
1st Floor, Ciputra Club building
Gate 4 of Ciputra, Pham Van Dong  Street,
Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc8iUY30QwT8g9wOnLKS0xZrtVhU6_tu44olb2Wq5NZ57hU7g/viewform

From the organizer:

In an era where the press and media are constantly reporting on the pandemic, people are trying to preserve their relationships through screens, and creativity is gradually being showcased online, we thought holding an actual exhibition, where people can come and interact is a risky experiment but worth trying. When the epidemic broke out, it was also when we started running from the starting line, trying to find other creative ways that fit to the stuck context. We’ve all gone through that period, when anxiety peaks and despair leaves no room for hope after that, it’s as if we’ve given up. After all that chaos, stagnation, suppression, explosion, what echoes in each of us is the blank. A blank space may be empty, or may be reserved for something, or it may be the only thing in the midst of many disturbances. However, a blank is always a fine place to start. Starting a new journey, towards different things but at the same time remembering the past. Hopefully when you stand in front of our “blank” showcase, any void in you, no matter how big or small, will be filled.

Hanoi-Exhibition reproduces traditional Lunar New Year Festival

January 14-March 15

National Archives Centre No.1

An exhibition featuring more than 100 unique and rare documents and images, that highlight the traditional Lunar New Year or Tet Festival, imbued with national cultural identities.

The exhibits will be arranged in three themes: “Spring Market”, “Celebration of New Spring” and “Traveling in Spring”.

Hanoi-Loong Koong

Until Feb 15, 2022 , 10 am – 8 pm
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)
B1 – R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai Street
From VCCA:

Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) opens the contemporary ceramic exhibition “Loong Koong” introducing nearly 50 artworks by two artists Trinh Vu Hieu and Bui Quoc Khanh, with the theme from traditional images to reflections of today’s society.

Well-known as an artist who restores traditional cultural values, Trinh Vu Hieu is passionate and eager to convey Vietnamese historical stories through different mediums. The artist has imbued between folk materials from the Hang Trong paintings and the technique of handmade ceramics of the Northern people to create this series of works. Going beyond a mere art form serving beliefs, these artworks with sophisticated craftsmanship still have the appearance of gods in the spiritual life since archaic times but become closer as if there were no barriers. Each of these devotional paintings on sustainable ceramics creates a different visual effect, as an old story told in a different way, interesting and full of charm.

Hanoi- Exhibition on typical Vietnamese women throughout history

Until May 30, 2022

Hoa Lo Prison Relic

An exhibition displaying the images of typical Vietnamese women throughout history.

Hanoi- Exhibition spotlights tigers in Vietnam’s ancient art

Until August 31,

Vietnam National Museum of History,

Featuring more than 30 exhibits, documents and images featuring tigers throughout over 2,000 years of the country's art history, showing that the image of tigers was widely portrayed in Vietnam’s ancient pottery, carving and folk paintings, among others.



Hanoi- French films to be screened online free

January 14 to February 14,

Thirteen French famous films are set to be screened free of charge via DANET.VN, an online movie platform, during an event called “CINE-TET 2022 avec MyFFF!”.

The movies on offer include L’amant (Lover), which was filmed in Vietnam in 1986, Lucky Luke, Tous Les Soleils, Ex De Ma Vie (L’), Gaston Lagaffe, and Cigare Au Miel. These movies are selected from MyFFF (My French Film Festival) - an annual film festival in France.

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