Binh Dinh fishermen enjoy good catches
  • |, Tienphong | January 15, 2024 08:17 PM
Many fishermen in the southern province of Binh Dinh are returning home with good profits after their first trips of the year.

Ngo Minh Chau, 50, returned to Quy Nhon Fish Port on Monday morning after 45 days at sea near the Spratly Islands. Chau and his crew caught over 20 tonnes of tuna.

With the current tuna price of VND31,000-32,000 per kilo, Chau said they made good profits. "The fish sold well this time," he shared. "Many traders arrived at the port awaiting our fish."

Next to Chau's boat, a boat owned by Pham Ha was also full of tuna. Ha and his crew members were busy selling the fish to traders. 

"We caught over 14 tonnes after a 40-day trip," Ha said. "And we're happy with the current prices which are give us good income."

Another fisherman, Do Quynh, said that he also arrived home on Monday morning after 50 days at sea. "We were hit by unfavourable weather and only caught around seven tonnes of tuna," Quynh said. "However, the losses weren’t so big thanks to high fish prices."

According to the management board of Quy Nhon Fish Port, many fishing boats are set to arrive home in the next four to five days for the Tet Lunar New Year. "We've been informed about their good catches," the board said. "And with the high fish prices this time, local fishermen can have good profits."

While many fishermen are returning home for Tet Festival, some others are preparing for new trips through the holiday.

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