Expert calls Son Tra monkey feeding needs to be resolved
  • | dtinews.vn, Lao Dong | September 16, 2023 02:00 PM
The central city of Danang needs to take measures to prevent locals and tourists from feeding monkeys on the Son Tra Peninsula, said Tran Huu Vy, director of the Centre of Biodiversity Conservation and GreenViet.

It is common to see monkeys seeking food at a dumping site behind Linh Ung Pagoda. The habit has been formed as they are often given food by tourists, and they rush to the pagoda for food.


The monkey is seeking food at dustbins in Son Tra: Photo by Van Truc

Feeding monkeys destroys their natural instincts, Vy commented. Once they have become used to being fed their behaviour changes and they search out human contact and search for food in residential areas.

There are currently no specific regulations regarding fines for people who feed monkeys. However, administrative penalties can be applied to those who engage in improper disposal of waste, Vy said. Throwing food out helps to feed the monkeys.

He noted that dustbins in Son Tra should be designed to ensure that monkeys cannot access the rubbish.

Local residents need to only play their part in curbing the monkeys having access to food.

Ngo Truong Chinh, head of the Son Tra Forest Management Board, said that besides helping raise people’s awareness, there were no specific sanctions in place to address people deliberately feeding wild animals.

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