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67% of Vietnamese families use AI tools as part of travel planning:
  • | VOV | July 10, 2024 10:08 PM
According to a survey conducted by travel website, 67% of local families are planning to use AI tools as part of their travel planning this year, showing a keen desire to adopt new practices to streamline their trips.

The website also highlighted that that 60% of Vietnamese families said they are inspired to travel in order to sample food seen during a show or movie, underlining the influence of popular media on travel choices.

Furthermore, according to, travel nannies may start becoming a trend this summer with 39% of local families stating that they would likely allocate a travel budget for having someone care for their child or children on a trip. This rate surpasses more than half in India at 57%, Hong Kong (China) at 51%, and Thailand at 59%.

Comfort is also a top priority, said, with 68% of Vietnamese families considering air conditioning to be the most crucial amenity when booking accomidation.

The survey also revealed the top 10 global trending summer destinations for Vietnamese families, including Luzern of Switzerland, Berlin of Germany, Brugge of Belgium, Uluwatu of Bali, Indonesia, Milano of Italy, the Gold Coast of Australia, Incheon of the Repulic of Korea, Nagoya of Japan, George Town of Penang, Malaysia, and Hamburg of Germany.

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