Philanthropists help change life of desperate family
  • By Thien Thu | | July 29, 2013 04:32 PM
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Using funds from readers' donations, Dantri Newspaper has helped bring new hope to a poor widow and her seven small children in Gia Lai Province.


The house named Dan Tri thanks to readers’ donations

Two months ago Dantri ran a story about Dinh Thi Nguyen, a Bahnar ethnic woman in Blo Highland Village, who was struggling to earn a living to support her seven children after her husband’s death three months before.

Previously they were living in the forest and working in the fields.

They decided to move to live in a little tent in Blo Highlands Village in Kong Chro District about a year ago. Due to their economic difficulties, only one of their children was getting a primary school education and two were sent to a nursery.

Big dream in a little tent

Their lives were miserable and they continually suffered from food deprivation as well as a shortage of cloth.

Many kind-hearted people from home and abroad have extended a helping hand to this disadvantaged family.

Their former miserable life

Dozens of boxes of clothes and other useful things for daily life, as well as rice, have been sent to Nguyen and her children.

Many have donated money to the family via Dan Tri and directly to Nguyen, reaching a total value of over VND390 million (USD18,539) as of July 28.

Donations by kind-hearted people

With the donations from these philanthropists, Nguyen had local authorities help build them a house worth VND120 million (USD5,704). They also helped buy her nearly 2,000 square meters of mountain field worth VND22 million (USD1,045) and set up a bank savings account worth VND210 million (USD9,982).

Several home furnishings such as bed, sleeping mat, blanket and a television, along with two cows have also been bought for the family.

Pham Huy Hoan, editor-in-chief of Dantri/DTiNews (centre in red T-shirt) at the house handover ceremony

Despite living in a brand new house, Nguyen finds the whole thing hard to believe. Their life has changed so drastically it's as if they're living a dream.

Many of their neighbours consider this to be nothing short of a miracle.

New house means new life

"All the gifts for Nguyen’s family come from donations by Dantri readers. We, Dantri Newspapers, just act as a bridge that brings their donations to the needy,” Pham Huy Hoan commented.

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