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What's on July 24-30/2023
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HCMC-Rock Symphony vol.3

Jul 29 & 30, 8pm,
Saigon Opera House, 7 Công Trương Lam Sơn Street, D1
From the organizer:

Who says rock music and classical music cannot co-exist? Rock Symphony Vol. 3 from the HBSO is presenting 17 classic rock and roll songs. Audiences will gain a new appreciation for some of their favorites when performed by a full orchestra and four singers.

The evening will begin with a full orchestral version “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summers. The winner of the inaugural Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal, it marked the legendary singer’s transition from disco to a more timeless R&B and rock sound. The song’s raucous energy complimented by the orchestra’s elegance will set the tone for the night.

Admissions: 1.500.000 – 1.200.000 – 900.000 – 600.000 – 400.000VNĐ (for student only)
Booking and delivery: 02838237295, 0989874517 (Ms. Hương), 0903604539 (Ms.Ngọc)
Online booking here



Exhibition: “Layers of Hanoi”

Jul 22 – 25 
3rd Floor, Ngo Quyen Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, No. 16 P. Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District
From the organizer:

Inspired by the diversity and richness of Hanoi, from its architecture and history to modern life, “Layers of Hanoi” is a special theme portrayed through multidimensional artistic perspectives of the city’s beauty.

Each artwork in the exhibition is created by passionate young artists, carrying their own messages and meaningful insights about Hanoi. Through these creative artworks, participants can witness different layers of Hanoi, ranging from its architectural and historical layers to its cultural and human layers, forming the diversity of one of the most bustling capitals of Southeast Asia.

Hanoi-Exhibition “Heafod”

Jul 25-31, 08:30 am – 05 pm, 

Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts

66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ba Dinh District

From the organizer:

A solo exhibition featuring the works of Nguyễn Ngọc-Phương. 

Introducing a unique interpretation of the soul of man, selfless and/or ontological uncertainty and existential angst.

Hanoi-Hidden Moment from the East – An Internet Troll

July 7– Oct 7
CUC Gallery
A4703 (Floor 47), Keangnam Hanoi Tower A, Duong Dinh Nghe Street
From the organizer:

Cuc Gallery is pleased to announce Hidden Moment From The East: An Internet Troll — a solo exhibition by the emerging painter Nguyen Ngoc Vu.

Based in Saigon, this is Vu’s first ever show at Cuc Gallery in Hanoi, and it constitutes the second installment in his ongoing Hidden Moment series. The first installment was presented by Cuc Gallery at SEA Focus art fair in Singapore, with the title Hidden Moment From The East: The Internet Has No Filter. In this new chapter, the artist dives once more into the morass of internet culture, combining both Eastern and Western art historical idioms with the cutting-edge cringe of the day.

Hanoi-What’s left behind the Rectum? – Chapter 2: The Great Excretion

Until Aug 13, 09 am – 08 pm,

Mơ Art Space, B3, 136 Hang Trong Street

From the organizer:

This July, Mo Art Space cordially present to art lovers the solo showcase by artist Tèo Phạm, curated by Đỗ Tường Linh

Drawing inspiration from the philosophical writings of Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche, the vibrant works of Tèo Phạm leave a strong impression on viewers with the concept of “excretion”. In his practice, he deliberately does not interfere much in terms of content and techniques, while calling his creative process a spiritual excrement – a grand excrement, implying a periodicity in what the mind and the spirit absorb and subsequently generate, the cycle of cause and effect.

Hanoi-Phạm Ha Ninh – Entrusted Conjectures

Until Aug 6, 11 am – 07 pm (except Monday)
Manzi Exhibition Space, No. 2 Hang Bun alley,
From the organizer:

Entrusted Conjectures – an open studio by visual artist Ha Ninh Pham
Presenting a new series of “sculptures – measuring instruments” as a part of his on-going project titled “My Land”

How much of our perception of the world is shaped by the way we measure it?

Measurement refers to various systems of apparatus, units and rules based on which the uncertainty of value is reduced and can be expressed in a quantity. The standardization in measurement establishes a mutual understanding of quantities, and provides the basic reference for many disciplines. Measurement, thus, is a cornerstone of science, a fundamental step in framing and constructing the world.

HCMC-Exhibition “Neverwhere”

Until Aug 5, Tues – Sat, 10 am – 07 pm
Galerie Quynh, 118 Nguyen Van Thu, D1
From the organizer:

In the vast expanse of the universe, we find ourselves in an infinitesimally small space, encountering endless mysteries that defy our understanding. Throughout history, artists and scientists alike have been captivated by the idea of parallel realities. Drawing inspiration from quantum mechanics, string theory, and avant-garde art movements, Neverwhere delves into the uncharted territories of the imagination, transcending conventional norms and questioning the limitations of our perception. The exhibition brings together six visionary artists – Nadege David, Cian Duggan, Sandrine Llouquet, Ngo Dinh Bao Chau, Trong Gia Nguyen, and Vo Tran Chau – who invite us on a mesmerizing journey through the intersections of art, science, and spirituality. The title “Neverwhere” borrows from the eponymous novel by Neil Gaiman that depicts an unseen world beneath the sewers – LondonBelow– where strange destinies await, suggesting the idea of a physical space that does not yet exist in time.



Danang City-Screening of French films

July 7-29, 5 p.m. every Saturday

METIZ Cinema

A new weekly event which will introduce French cinema's richness and diversity with a different film every Saturday.

Four films subtitled in English and Vietnamese.

Tickets: VND75,000.

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