Hanoi traditional markets suffer fall in sales
  • | | March 23, 2023 04:05 PM
Many of Hanoi’s traditional markets have attracted fewer customers after the Covid-19 pandemic.


At around 9 am on March 22, Nga Tu So Market in Dong Da District was quiet, with more traders than customers.

A man who works for the market’s parking lot said that over the past few years, just 20-30 motorbikes have been kept there every day compared to the hundreds a decade ago.

Dang Viet Bang, deputy head of Dong Da District’s Market Management Board, said amid the fierce competition from online shopping, the number of traders at Nga Tu So Market has fallen to 200 compared to the previous 754. Some areas in the market have seriously deteriorated.


Kim Yen, a 59-year-old trader, often turns on music to exercise as she has so much free time.


Kim Giang Market in Thanh Xuan District is in the same situation. Ha The Hoach, owner of an electronic shop, said more people flock to supermarkets and shopping malls to buy electronic products, causing her business to slump.


Lots of traders at the market also offer online sales. The market’s sluggish business activities have worsened after the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Nguyen Thi Vinh, she has been a trader at the market since 1987, but now she's not sold anything for a week, compared to 1999 to 2010, when she served dozens of customers a day.

Some traders at Kim Giang Market sleep when there are no customers.



On March 22, or the first day of the 2nd lunar month, stalls selling votive paper offerings at Thuong Dinh Market in Thanh Xuan District saw few customers.  


At 5 pm, Thanh Cong B Market in Ba Dinh District was quiet. Unofficial markets nearby are major causes of slow sales at the market.


Kim Khanh has maintained business quite well so far. Her stall serves around ten customers a day but most of them are acquaintances.

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