Coronavirus drives Hanoians to wear more masks
  • | | February 01, 2020 09:27 AM
More people in Hanoi are using masks more frequently to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Many people believe that the early morning air is good for health but Hanoians have started wearing masks when they do morning exercises on January 31.

75-year-old Le Van Hap said, "I wear masks at public places even during morning exercises. I felt unsafe because I breathe in and out so heavily. I wear masks to protect myself and others."

On January 30, the leaders of Nguyen Sieu Primary, Secondary and High School and parents have started wearing masks for students while in class.

Some photos of people in Hanoi wearing masks at public places:


Exercising around Hoan Kiem Lake


75-year-old Le Van Hap


People also wear masks on a bus

Students wearing masks at Nguyen Sieu School

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