Hanoi police close down railway cafes
  • | laodong, | December 11, 2017 04:55 PM
The unique cafes that let customers sit on the railway tracks have been shut down by police in Dien Bien Ward, Hanoi, for encroachment on the rails.

On December 11, leaders of the police in Dien Bien Ward confirmed that they had sent officers to clear the railway in Alleyway 10, Dien Bien Phu Street.

According to the railway traffic police, they also worked with Vietnam Railways Corporation, Vietnam Railway Authorities and Dien Bien Ward Police and the cafe owners. The owners may be fined for encroaching on the railway safety corridor.

A number of cafe shops have been opened next to the railway in Hanoi's centre recently and let tourists drink coffee right on the tracks.

The preparation looks quite simple with some tables, chairs and flowers put up on the railways. A cup of coffee or juices are sold for only VND15,000 to VND20,000. Many tourists also come to those cafes to take photos with friends.

A tourist said he read about this place on social media and thought that the idea was very interesting. They often looked back while enjoying the drinks here because it felt like there were a train coming at them.

Vu Hoang Duc, a cafe owner, said, "I've just returned home after studying abroad and think that the atmosphere of this place is interesting. My cafe has been open for a week now. I also want to create a comfortable place for tourists when they visit Hanoi."

His cafe opens from 8 am to 10 pm on weekdays, and from 10 am to 10 pm on the weekends. According to Duc, the trains often come at night and stop running after 10 am on weekends. That's why their businesses are not affected.

However, there are opinions that letting customers enjoying drinks in the middle of the railway is still dangerous and violates railway regulations.

Some photos of the cafes on the railway in Hanoi:







Cafes that let customers sit on the railway tracks

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