Independent anti-corruption body should be set up
  • By The Kha | | August 18, 2016 09:55 AM
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Former Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam Lieutenant-general Tran Van Do said that an independent anti-corruption agency should be set up to deal with the increasingly complicated corruption in Vietnam.

Do said Vietnam has anti-corruption bodies at different agencies such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of National Defence, the Government Inspectorate, the People's Supreme Procuracy and those at localities, however, the operation of these agencies have proved ineffective.


Lieutenant-general Tran Van Do, former Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam

Most of corruption cases are often related to officials and many of them have relations with government agencies, affecting the efficiency of the fight against corruptions.

Corruption has become more rampant over the past recent years and can be found in almost every area. More serious cases have been detected with the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars for the state budget.

"We have vowed to fight against corruption for a long time, but to date, the outcome remains very modest. If this continues, people will lose their trust in the country," Do said.

He also noted that "The Government Inspectorate has recently proposed setting up an interim committee to probe into serious corruption cases, however, we must understand that they are cases that have already been uncovered and what we need is an agency which can bring corruption to light."

Investigations are key. At present, only the police are able to do this task but this is a law enforcement body, whether it is possible to operate effectively in the fight against corruption?

So, according to Do, it is necessary to establish a fully independent anti-corruption body like many other countries, which gathers the most outstanding anti-corruption officials at different agencies. This anti-corruption mechanism must have all the necessary tools to be able to directly handle corruption cases.

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