Nghe An Fujian cypress forest ravaged by illegal loggers
  • |, VietnamNet | August 10, 2016 12:40 PM
 >>  Quang Nam customs official suspended in illegal timber investigation

A large amount of Fujian cypress trees in a forest in the central province of Nghe An have been illegally logged, but the local authorities surprisingly claim not to know anything about the case.

Illegal loggers have cut down dozens of Fujian cypress trees in Hanh Dich Commune, part of the Pu Hoat Nature Reserve in Que Phong District.

The problem has become more serious in the area adjacent to Laos.


Dozens of Fujian cypress trees in Pu Hoat Nature Reserve cut down by illgeal loggers

With the support of a local resident, reporters from the VietnamNet online newspaper investigated the site early August and heard sawmills in use and trees falling.

On the mountain top there are obvious signs of Fujian cypress trees having been cut down. Big trees were divided into pieces for being transported easily. Cans of petrol used for the saws were also found besides the pieces of timber.

Most of the Fujian cypress trees in this forest have been logged.

According to local residents, the illegal loggers are people who live near the forest. They receive orders from traders at around VND7 million (USD333.3) per cubic metre of Fujian cypress timber.

During the two-hour trip, the reporters saw many groups of people carrying pieces of Fujian cypress timber to the foot of the mountain.


Big trees were divided into pieces for being transported easily.

However, authorities of Que Phong District claim to know nothing about the rampantly illegal logging at the local Pu Hoat Nature Reserve until the article about the situation was published on VietnamNet recently.

Chairman of the district people's committee Le Van Giap said that he was really surprised at the illegal logging at Pu Hoat Nature Reserve mentioned in the article. Every week, he received a report from the local forest management board which claimed there were no problems.

Giap added that the district had set up a taskforce to investigate into the case.

Authorities of the central province of Quang Nam are also investigating illegal logging of a large amount of Fujian cypress in the border area adjacent to Laos. The logging may be related to a major illegal wood trading ring which has the support of customs and border guard forces in border areas.

Fujian cypress is a threatened species in Vietnam, where it is considered valuable due to its aroma and exceptional weight. It is used to make art work, furniture, and charcoal.

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