Biggest statue of Vietnamese 'heroic mother' inaugurated in Quang Nam
  • | vov, | March 24, 2015 04:42 PM

A statue to pay tribute to Vietnam's mothers who sacrificed their children and grandchildren for national liberation was inaugurated in Quang Nam Province today (March 24).

The statue, which stands 18.6m high and is 120m wide at its base, is the biggest statue of its kind built in Vietnam.

The statue resembles "Heroic Mother" Nguyen Thi Thu, who was from Dien Thang Commune, Dien Ban District, in the province and whose 11 children and grandchildren all died in Vietnam's liberation fight.

The statue was built in Nui Cam Commune of Tam Ky City, with funding contributed by individuals and organizations through a program initiated in 2004 by Voice of Vietnam Radio and the provincial authorities.

Sculptor Dinh Gia Thang created the statue based on the idea that heroic mothers are like an enormous stream and symbolize the national soul, delivering brave children who become Vietnam’s mountains and water.

It features eight pillars sculpted with images of heroic mothers from across Vietnam as well as young volunteers who fought and died in the Truong Son Mountains.


Fundraising program for the statue building was launched in 2004

The statue is 18.6m high and 120m wide

The biggest 'heroic mother' statue in Vietnam

The statue scenery includes a vast lake

It upholds traditional cultural and spiritual values

Pillars sculpted with images of heroic mothers and voluntary young people nationwide

Statue built in Nui Cam Commune of Tam Ky City

Inaugurated on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Quang Nam Province’s liberation

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