Overseas Vietnamese protest against Chinese oil rig
  • | | May 12, 2014 02:34 PM
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Vietnamese people in several countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Japan have gathered to protest against Chinese drilling rig on the East Sea.

On May 11 hundreds of Vietnamese nationals gathered on the streets of Tokyo streets to rally against illegal Chinese drilling in the East Sea. Five people stood in front of the Chinese Embassy in Japan to read a letter of protest demanding that China withdraw from Vietnamese seas.

After receiving permission from the police, the Vietnamese in Prague also took their protest to the streets on May 11. After a two hour demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy there was a gathering at the Sapa Asian Trade Centre to continue the protest. The protesters included students, war veterans and Vietnamese people who are working and living in the Czech Republic.

The protests remained civil and peaceful. Tran Van Dang, vice head of the committee of Vietnamese people overseas said, "China's invasion and non-compliance with international law is unacceptable. We'll fight until China withdraws from Vietnamese seas."

Vietnamese protests were also held in Germany on May 11 where marchers carried signs and sang “If only Uncle Ho were here on the joyful day of victory,” a song which marks Vietnam's reunification day.



Around 300 people joined a protest in Czech Republic on May 11



Peaceful demonstration in Japan on May 11




Some Japanese join the protest to support Vietnam


Vietnamese gathered in Prague on May 11 to protest against China's oil rig



Demonstration at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz


About 1,000 people gather to demonstrate in Berlin

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