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Film-makers fall in love with Vietnam
  • | VNS | November 01, 2011 10:21 AM

Vietnam is to feature in a popular English-language travel programme on Bulgarian national television called No Luggage.

A four-member film crew arrived in Hanoi last week and later visited Ha Long Bay, Hue City, Hoi An and the Mekong River Delta.

“Vietnam is a destination we have long dreamt of visiting,” said producer Billyana Trayanova. “Our schedule is very busy but after a few months of planning and preparation we are here.”

She said No Luggage covers subjects such as a country’s culture, cuisine and traditions.

“Many people adore traveling and we give them ideas, information and options whether they are on a big or small budget,” she said.

Several episodes on Vietnam are scheduled to be broadcast at the end of this year or the beginning of 2012.

“After viewers see our program on Vietnam everybody will want to come here to experience it for themselves,” Trayanova said.

The film crew have traveled all over the world-Kenya, Morocco, the US, Jordan, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Singapore and around Europe. Trayanova said many places she had visited had lost their identity because of globalization. Few she said had the charm, the unique beauty and atmosphere of Vietnam.

“I have been here for just a few days and I have already fallen in love with the people, their smile, the way they enjoy life,” she said.

Trayanova said that while visiting a market in Hue city, they met an elderly woman carrying baskets full of fruit on her back. Trayanova said she asked the woman if she could try and carry the baskets. Trayanova said she could not even lift them off the ground.

Veselin Apostolov and Yanev Teodor captured the moment on camera.

“Her smiling eyes were something to behold, and to think she had to carry those baskets around all day!,” Trayanova said.

“Her arms were so strong. She had the spirit of a happy person, of a loving mother, of a real friend. And this energy is so inspiring that I can’t stop retelling this and similar accounts to others. The wisdom, happiness and strength of the Vietnamese.”

Trayanova said she had been particularly keen to film in Vietnam because it was relatively unknown back home. “Vietnam is a place that we would like to show to Bulgarian audiences because it is a destination that would be of great interest to people as they know little about it. We plan to tell lots of stories about your country. Hopefully, every viewer will find his or her own favourite reason to come here.

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