Heat wave intensifies in north, temperatures rise to 39 degrees Celsius
  • | VOV | July 07, 2024 01:00 AM
A hot low pressure area in the west is increasing its intensity and is expected to grip the entire northern and north-central regions next week that will cause temperatures to rise up to 38 – 39 degrees Celsius, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

Most localities, except for some mountainous provinces, will be bathed in hot sunshine from early morning. As it gets closer to noon and afternoon, the sun becomes stronger in intensity, along with the hot, stuffy air.

The heat wave is anticipated to bake northern localities from July 9 - 13, and central localities from July 8 - 14, with daytime temperatures likely to climb to 35 – 38 degrees Celsius.

Some mountainous localities in the west will even record 38 – 39 degrees Celsius from July 12 – 14, when the heat wave reaches its peak.

Meanwhile, northern mountainous localities will get showers and thunderstorms in a couple of days due to the influence of the wind convergence zone above 1,500-3,000 m before enduring the scorching heat.

According to the meteorological agency, in July the average temperature nationwide is 0.5-1 degree Celsius higher than the average for many years in the same period. The East Sea is likely to brace for one or two storms or tropical depressions that could affect the mainland.

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