Teachers need higher salaries: experts
  • | VNS | April 04, 2024 07:27 PM

Teachers need higher salaries to improve their quality of life, experts said at a workshop titled 'Teacher regulation - International experience for Vietnam' organised by HCM City National University on April 3.

Workshop titled 'Teacher regulation - International experience for Vietnam' held by HCM City National University discussed about Law on Teacher. Photo courtesy of HCM City National University

The workshop featured more than 15 discussion panels related to the policies, positions, roles, rights and obligations of teachers.

VNU-HCM chancellor Vũ Hải Quân said that applicable regulations for teachers are rather inconsistent and incomprehensive, so it is essential to introduce specific laws for teachers for ease of management.

For example, general conditions for teachers are mentioned in the Education Law, while professional standards for lecturers and teachers are regulated in three other circulars. Regulations on salary and working hours are also contained in many documents.

Policies regarding recruitment, treatment, utilisation, and management of teachers need to be improved to enhance the quality of education and training.

The current salary is not attractive enough to retain and engage young teachers in the profession, and timely adjustments to teachers’ incomes are needed.

In addition, teachers should receive fair and deserving benefits, and have equal opportunities for career development.

Sharing China's experience, Professor Guodong Yang, lecturer at the School of Administrative Law, Southwest University of Political Science, China, said that the Chinese Teachers' Law includes three main aspects: scope of application, rights and obligations of teachers, and standards and appointment of teachers.

According to Yang, teachers receive an average salary no lower than civil servants. The roadmap for promotion and salary increases is according to general provisions of the law.

In addition, they benefit from favourable policies for building, renting, and selling houses, as well as in medical care equivalent to civil servants in the same locality.

Phạm Ngọc Thưởng, Deputy Minister of Education and Training, said that in addition to the issue of income and remuneration, the working environment, honour and reputation of teachers are also very important and need to be discussed and commented on in the near future.

The Regulation on Teachers is expected to address five main issues: identifying teachers; determining standards and titles; recruitment, employment and working regimes; training, remuneration and honour; and State management of teachers.

The draft law is scheduled to be passed by the National Assembly this October.

"The purpose of the regulation on teachers is to honour teachers, give them a higher position in society, have better policies and institutional environments, and make teachers more passionate about their profession", Deputy Chairwoman of the Party Committee Committee for Culture and Education of the National Assembly Nguyễn Thị Mai Hoa said.

It also outlines fundamental issues related to professional standards, teaching titles as the basis for managing and utilising teachers, and ensuring equality among teachers in public and non-public educational institutions.

It also defines the rights and obligations of teachers, enhances autonomy in teaching, the right to apply disciplinary measures in education, and intellectual property rights for creative and innovative educational content, as well as reinforces the duty of teachers in protecting and supporting students.

The Ministry of Education and Training issued the draft Law on Teachers according to Resolution 95-NQ/CP on July 7, 2023. 

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