Vietnam, US celebrate improvements to higher education in STEM fields
  • | | August 19, 2023 06:43 AM

The US Agency for International Development on Friday celebrated its successful partnership with Vietnam and Arizona State University to improve STEM education in Vietnamese higher education institutions over the last eight years.

Participants at the event.

Over 200 industry leaders, educators, policymakers, and entrepreneurs attended the event held during the 8th annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math conference (STEMCON) in Hanoi.

“Through USAID’s BUILD-IT public-private alliance, the US government is advancing a shared goal with Vietnam to improve higher education and prepare students to be successful in today’s global economy,” said USAID/Vietnam Mission Director Aler Grubbs. “Together, we harnessed common aspirations and commitment across industry, government, and universities to modernize STEM education, driving economic growth in Vietnam.”

Started in 2015, the $8.7 million BUILD-IT project leveraged government, private sector, and academic partners' vast capabilities to build strategic leadership skills, advance university autonomy, improve program and instructional quality, and sustain lasting partnerships with the private sector. The project achieved lasting impact through partnering with eight higher education institutions in Vietnam and leveraging resources from 20 industry partners for an additional $8.7 million investment in higher education in Vietnam.

Together with the Government of Vietnam, and in partnership with US higher education institutions and the private sector, USAID is driving institutional and systemic higher education reforms that prepare graduates to succeed in a competitive global market. 

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