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Thousand-year old cave gives Cao Bang a splendid beauty
  • | | May 05, 2015 03:31 PM
Northern Cao Bang province is home to many tourist attractions like Ban Gioc fall, Pac Bo historical site, and particularly Nguom Ngao cave.



Nguom Ngao cave in Gun hamlet, Dam Thuy village, Trung Khanh district was discovered in 1921 by local people. It is considered a most beautiful cave in Vietnam thanks to its uniqueness and size.

Nguom Ngao means “Cave of Tigers” in the Tay ethnic minority language.

Nature has endowed the cave with stone formations that look like human beings, trees, plants and mythical animals.

The cave is enormous (about 3km long) and one branch reaches almost all the way to the waterfalls, where there is a 'secret' entrance.

Let’s see splendid beauty of the cave:

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