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Vietnam's Broken rice and Square Sticky Rice Cake: best rated rice dishes in the world
  • | NDO | May 18, 2023 05:33 PM
World Food Atlas (TasteAtlas) has announced 100 best rated rice dishes in the world, including two Vietnamese representatives, 'Com Tam' (Broken Rice) and 'Banh Chung' 

With 4.7 out of 5 points, Vietnam’s Broken Rice placed in third position, following Risotto ai funghi porcini of Italy and sushi of Japan.

Broken Rice is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is typically sold as street food. It consists of broken and imperfect rice grains that were traditionally chucked away after the milling process, but nowadays it's a signature dish of Ho Chi Minh City, according to TasteAtlas.

Broken Rice is accompanied by numerous toppings such as fried eggs, shredded pork skin, grilled pork chops, or deep-fried fish patties.


Broken Rice with typical taste and colours. (Photo: Vietnamtourism)

Originally a popular dish in the South, Broken Rice has become one of the most popular dishes throughout the country and is becoming increasingly familiar to many foreign tourists. The typical feature of broken rice restaurants on the street is the smoke scented with lemongrass and charred meat.

Broken Rice also ranked 15th out of the 100 best street foods in the world, 78th among the 100 best dishes in the world, and 93rd among the 100 most popular rice dishes in the world.


Vietnam's Broken Rice ranks third among 100 best rated rice dishes in the world. (Screenshot)

Meanwhile, with 4.1 points, Square Sticky Rice Cake ranked 97th. This is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people and an indispensable dish for Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival). Today, Square Sticky Rice Cake has become a favourite of many foreigners thanks to its delicious taste and distinctive meaning.

This ranking list based on the reviews of people who have tasted the food themselves, excluding reviews from automated tools and local reviews. For the list of 100 best rated rice dishes in the world, TasteAtlas received 13,124 reviews as of April 24, 2023, of which 9,564 recognised as legitimate by the system.


Vietnamese Steamed Savory Rice Cake among 100 most popular rice dishes. (Screenshot)

Earlier, TasteAtlas also ranked 'Banh beo' (Vietnamese Steamed Savory Rice Cake) among 100 most popular rice dishes in the world. It is a popular Vietnamese steamed cake consisting of key ingredients such as rice flour, fish sauce with green chili peppers, and either shrimps or pork.

According to TasteAtlas, the rankings should not be taken as the final global conclusion on dishes. It aims to promote delicious dishes in each land, arouse pride in traditional dishes and inspire curiosity about foods that people have never tried.

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