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Highest glass bridge opens near Sapa
  • | VET | November 19, 2019 01:05 PM
The second glass bridge in Vietnam has been opened to public at the summit of O Quy Ho Mountain Pass in northern Lai Chau province, at a height of some 2,200 meters above sea level - the highest of its kind in Vietnam.

2,200 meters above sea level, bridge in Lai Chau province provides magnificent views of mountains and natural surroundings.

Some 17km from the tourist town of Sapa, Cau May Bridge’s walkway hangs off a cliff and is 600 meters above ground, 60 meters long, and five meters wide. It is made of transparent glass with three layers and can withstand the weight of 3,000 people at the same time.

Cau May Bridge promises to bring visitors an interesting experience surrounded by the majestic natural scenery typical of the northwestern mountains and forests.

Instead of taking more than four hours of walking on a forest trail to the reach the peak, as before, visitors can now choose to travel by an outdoors glass-cage elevator called the Road to Heaven. This is the first place in Vietnam with a transparent glass elevator, at a height of 300 meters.

Elevators and glass bridges take visitors to a variety of thrills such as ziplines, parachuting, climbing, exploring old forests, visiting waterfalls, and so on.

Return tickets on the glass elevator cost VND400,000 ($17.3) for adults and VND200,000 ($8.6) for children.

According to the Rong May Glass Bridge Resort, the investor, the bridge was built at O Quy Ho as it is one of the four great mountain peaks in Vietnam and nearby Sapa, which is already popular among both domestic and foreign tourists, so the bridge is expected to be an additional highlight to the area and promote Lai Chau province’s tourism development.

Earlier this year, the first glass-bottomed suspension bridge in Vietnam was opened at the Dai Yem Waterfall tourist site at a height of 22 meters above ground in mountainous Moc Chau district in northern Son La province. Measuring 80 meters long and two meters wide, the transparent bridge is capable of handling 50-70 people at one time. With 5D technology, it also boasts a photoelectric sensor system and 30 special effects, such as flowers blooming, fish swimming, and heart shapes, etc.

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