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Temporary landfill plagues Phu Quoc residents
  • |, Dan Viet | June 07, 2023 05:06 PM
Around 200 tonnes of rubbish have been discharged into a temporary landfill on Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang, causing severe pollution.

Nguyen Thi Be Nam, who lives just 10 metres from Dong Cay Sao Dumping Ground in Cua Duong Commune, said her family suffers every day from the bad odour caused by the rubbish.


Dong Cay Sao temporary landfill in Phu Quoc

Nam recalled that the temporary landfill appeared about a year after her family moved to live in the area. As the dumping site have become bigger, it's now just 10 metres away from her house. 

"My house is always full of flies that come from the dumping site," she said. "They swarmed over our food and drink. I was sometimes so terrified that I burst into tears, but I did not know where to go as I don’t have enough money to buy a new house.”

Tran Thi Xuyen’s house is around 300 metres from the landfill. Xuyen said that every day her house is mostly closed to avoid flies and the smell. She is really worried about the bad impacts on her family’s health.

According to Le Thi Hai Chau, director of Ngoi Sao Cua Duong JS Company, the smell from the dumping ground has blanketed her hotel. Many tourists have complained about the pollution. So the hotel has had to hire the service to deodorize the area.

Dong Cay Sao site stretches up to a kilometre long and 10 metres high.

Nguyen Minh Hung, head of Phu Quoc City’s Public Work Management Board, said that the board had sprayed chemicals to control the odour. The city also signed a contract worth VND55 billion (USD2.3 million) with Licogi13 Technology and Special Material Company for waste treatment at Dong Cay Sao Dumping Ground.

The city will upgrade the roads leading to the landfill and connect power to the site.

In December last year, Bai Bon Treatment Plant in Phu Quoc was shut due to an unsuccessful trial run.

By 2030, Phu Quoc is expected to have two waste treatment plants, one in Cua Duong and the other in Ham Minh Commune.

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