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Haiphong reopens cafes and restaurants
  • | | March 01, 2021 02:34 PM
The northern city of Haiphong has reopened local cafes and restaurants from today, March 1.

Under the municipal people’s committee’s decision issued on February 28, from today, all local cafes and restaurants in the city are allowed to be reopened. The other services, including hairdressers, casinos, golf courses and bus stops are also permitted to be resumed.


Many services in Haiphong reopened from today

Events such as festivals and religious ceremonies, sports tournaments, wedding parties and gatherings with more than 20 people are not allowed to be reopened.

Non-essential services such as karaoke parlours, bars, cinemas and dental clinics will remain suspended until further notice.

Only 70% of cars of the city’s taxi firms are permitted to operate again, and only serve no more than 50% of customers.

Schools in Haiphong will be reopened from March 8.

Labourers who come to Haiphong from Covid-19-affected areas have to take.

Covid-19 tests and only those with negative results can enter Haiphong to work. Those from Hai Duong must test negative for the virus before coming to Haiphong. They will be also quarantined for 14 days in Haiphong before being permitted to work.

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