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Hanoi police bust kidney trading ring
  • | | December 14, 2018 08:36 PM
The police in Long Bien District, Hanoi, announced that they had prosecuted Nguyen Duc Thang, born in 1989, for illegally trading human kidneys.


Nguyen Duc Thang at the police station

According to police reports, people who were ready to sell their kidneys gathered and lived at a house managed by Thang in Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District. The man is responsible for connecting the sellers and buyers.

The house is fully furnished and the kidney sellers are taken care of so that they won't find another kidney broker. Kidney trading groups are widely advertised and can be easily found online.

Hoang, one of the sellers at the house, said one month after selling his kidney, he had kidney failure. He said, "I sold my kidney to Thang for VND180m (USD7,700) and he then sold it for VND300m."

Various complications and health issues are not their concerns as they are already in desperate need of money when they decide to sell their kidneys. They also have hope to be able to buy back kidney in the future.

Thang was arrested and prosecuted by Long Bien District police on December 13.

The police seized a gun, 200 bullets and three knives at his house. They also found eight kidney sellers at the house. Thang admitted to the police that he successfully sell 15 kidneys. The kidneys are usually sold to him at the prices of VND180m to VND250m then he'll re-sell it to customers at VND260m to VND310m.

Thang's wife said they had both sold their kidneys previously after Thang incurred a debt of VND700m (USD30,000). His wife didn't know where this debt came from and they had lived separately for months. Thang often surfed the Internet, finding people that wanted to sell their kidneys away for money and invited them to live at his house.

The police have expanded the case.

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