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The unglamorous side of male modeling P4
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V.T, a stylist told Tuoi Tre that a famous fashion designer and businessman in Ho Chi Minh City set US$ 1,000 as the price for a café date with a male model and US$ 5,000 for a lunch or dinner.

A male model walking in a fashion show in Ho Chi Minh - Photo: Tuoitre

“He has many male models that he treats like his toys or ornaments,” V.T said.

“He’ll call them whenever he wants.” V.T said many models agree to escort rich and powerful men or women in the industry in exchange for more shows, and a luxurious lifestyle with designer clothes, upscale restaurants and frequent overseas vacations.

“Many new faces coming from the countryside to start a catwalk career are ‘picked’ this way,” said Do Ba Dat, who won Mr. Intellectual at Mister Vietnam 2010.

Not all male models are gay, but many are willing to compromise their own sexuality for a better life and career which would otherwise be mired in uncertainties and unstable incomes.

When Nam Thanh, Mr. Body of Mister Vietnam 2010, was shooting for an underwear collection in a famous resort in Nha Trang, he had no idea there was someone sitting in the corner of the room for the whole day waiting for him.

It turned out that the guy was a 30-year-old successful businessman in Da Nang who fell for Thanh and was later willing to fly to Saigon to see him for just two hours.

The guy had been pursuing him relentlessly, which moved Thanh, but he had to turn the man down, Thanh said.

Many others, however, can’t say no as easily to expensive gifts offered to win them over.

Male model Trung Cuong said once an admirer even gave him a VND 2.5 billion car (USD 120,000) with his name on its registration paper, but he did not accept it.

T.T, another model said many male models voluntarily choose to date these rich men, simply because they can get rich easily.

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