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Vietnam napalm victim recalls horror
  • | FOX | February 23, 2010 12:16 AM

It was perhaps the most famous photograph of the Vietnam War -- it shows a little girl running from a napalm attack. That day in 1972 changed Kim Phuc's life forever.

Kim Phuc (middle) in the famous photograph taken in 1972, and nowadays.

Now 47-years-old she spends her time trying to help others.

"I was 9-years-old and I remember very, very clear what happened to me in that day," said Kim Phuc.

On June 8, 1972, Phuc became the subject of a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph -- one of the most haunting of the Vietnam War: showing a 9-year-old year running naked, her skin on fire from a napalm attack.

"My clothes- burned off by the fire. I still remember my thought at that moment - I remember I became ugly girl because I got burned. Kept running and running until the moment I was so tired to run anymore so I stopped. And I screamed out -- too hot! Too hot! And I remember one of the soldiers tried to help me and he gave me water to drink and poured water on my body and I lost consciousness," recalled Phuc.

Phuc spent 14 months in the hospital and had 17-surgeries from third degree burns on 50 percent of her body. At North Avenue Presbyerian she spoke of forgiveness for those who scarred her for life.

"I was 19-years old. My life changed forever for good when I became a Christian. I believed in Jesus Christ. I still suffer so much about the pain and scars but my heart is healed. It's just a miracle I learned how to forgive those who caused my suffering."

Phuc said faith and forgiveness has brought freedom. Even though she still deals with pain-- she's found laughter and gratitude.

"When they dropped four bombs, I was in the middle. I should have died. With those four bombs, my skin burned off. But as you can see my hands, my face are still beautiful, right? bet for the first time you saw that picture and wondered, what happened to that little girl? And now you can see total miracle."

In addition to speaking about her faith, Phuc also works with children who are dealing with war. She's an united nations goodwill ambassador.

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