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Thousands of Hanoi young people join military service
  • | | February 26, 2024 04:33 PM
Ceremonies to see young people off for military service were organised in 30 districts in Hanoi this morning, February 26.

Around 3,700 youngsters will go to do military service and 794 others will leave for public security service this year.

Thousands of people including family members and friends came to say farewell to the young people who attend 2024 send-off ceremonies across the capital.

A woman bursts into tears as her son joins the army for the first time.

The young men were presented with flowers before leaving home for their army service.

All young people joining the army have to meet health and education requirements.

Two years of military service is compulsory for Vietnamese men from 18 to 25 years of age, although it is extended to 27 for those who apply for a delay to pursue higher education degrees. Women can volunteer. 

A ceremony was held in Dong Da District on Monday to see off 108 young people for military service in the first handover batch.

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