Delayed park project causes lasting difficulties for Hanoi residents
  • By Duy Linh-Anh Vu | | January 23, 2013 02:27 PM

The Dong Da Park project, which has been delayed for 12 years, has brought continued difficulties for households that gave up their land for the construction of a park.


Nguyen Thi Anh forced to live with her parents 

In 2011, the Hanoi People’s Committee reclaimed 70,925 square metres of land  at Thanh Cong dumping ground and the Ao Thuoc Tho area for Dong Da Park project, evicting 132 households in the Ao Thuoc Tho area.

They expected to receive resettlement compensation, but were disappointed by the amount.

The family of Nguyen Van Nam is one example. They have had to move 20 times over the last 11 years because of raises in rental fees.

Nguyen Thi Anh’s family is another. They have had to change their professions and now live in a 40-square metre house with 11 other people.

Nghiem Thi Hat, 80 years old, said she had to resort to selling flowers and incense on the first and the 15th of the lunar month. Her son was paralysed. Her family now lives in a 12-square metre rented room.

Dang Thi Nha, 80 years old, lives alone in a rented room on her small retirement pension. After the land reclamation without appropriate compensation, her husband became ill and eventually died. Her son, who became a drug addict, also died. Neighbours had to contribute to hold funerals for the two of them.  


Dang Thi Nha

Nguyen Thi Hat, 80 years old, and her grandson

 "I''ve often thought of death myself, but I have to go on and struggle to bring up my grandchild and make sure that we are compensated for the land that was taken away from us," she said.

Over the past years, the households in the Ao Thuoc Tho area have filed a number of petitions to authorities, but have seen no action. In the meantime, the park project remains in limbo.

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