Ha Tinh national park faces wild animal care difficulties
  • | dtinews.vn, Lao Dong | June 12, 2024 09:00 AM
Vu Quang National Park in the central province of Ha Tinh is struggling with the rescue and care of wild animals.

Wild animals captured by camera traps at Vu Quang National Park

Around 50 wild animals are being cared for at Vu Quang National Park, mostly monkeys, gibbons, and turtles. The enclosures are small cages situated behind the staff buildings.

Nguyen Viet Hung, head of Vu Quang National Park's Science and International Cooperation Board, said more people have handed over wild animals to the national park since 2018.

Many animals are injured from traps or from being kept in captivity for a long time. They are often cared for at the national park to recover and regain their natural instincts before being released into the wild.

Seven staff at the national park care for the wild animals. They are provided with training courses to improve their skills.

In some cases, the national park had to transfer injured wild animals to other domestic animal rescue centres to be cared for because of the limited facilities and expertise among staff.

Hung expected a new rescue, conservation, and development centre for the creatures of Vu Quang National Park would be approved to facilitate wild animal care.

Since 2019, a total of nearly 1,500 wild animals have been handed over to Vu Quang National Park. Among those, 53 individuals died, with eight individuals transferred to domestic wildlife rescue centres for further care, while the remainder were released back into the wild.

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