Why NA deputy Duong Trung Quoc claims he feels embarrassed about himself
  • By Bui Hoang Tam | dtinews.vn | March 18, 2016 07:56 AM

NA Deputy Duong Trung Quoc said he sometimes feels ashamed when meeting the public. He is probably one of the only a few to still have such self-awareness, as this self-criticism seems lost to many deputies who made crazy statements or never say anything during meetings.


Duong Trung Quoc

After 14 years, Duong Trung Quoc is a veteran at national party congresses. But in a recent interview with Vietnamnet, he said that he still felt ashamed sometimes as he believes he hasn’t fulfilled his duty as a National Assembly deputy.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Quoc Thuoc, former commander of Military Region 4, vice president cum secretary general of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association, Nguyen Lan Dung, president of the Vietnam Society for Biology along with economist Nguyen Van Tran and historian Duong Trung Quoc are well-known and well-regarded NA deputies for their frank and fierce comments that often stir the air of complacency.

Quoc's appearances during live congress sessions are looked forward to as his sharp and strong arguments have left a distinct impression on many people's minds. He has made comments on various issues and most of his comments are well received.

Talking about the disputes in the East Sea, he said, "We don’t blow it out of proportion or be perplexed, and it's necessary, but we can't think that it's normal. It has to be reflected accurately and must be on the National Assembly's agenda so that people will understand and don't lose their trust. Subtlety and sensitivity are needed for both foreign and internal affairs so that there won't be unnecessary conflict and a distance between the government and the people."

He also commented when Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, visited Vietnam that "We can only listen and verify what he said based on our own experiences. Of course, the diplomatic talking and messages are always positive and peaceful, especially during such times."

During the fourth session of the 13th National Assembly, he questioned the prime minister "What do you think about the opinion that you take responsibilities to the party more seriously than to the people?"

He voiced concern about problems that not many people dare to say aloud in many interviews. "I'm concerned about our current mechanisms and institutions. We’re determined to follow one national development strategy but this must be based on reality."

He has actively participated in various discussions from making suggestions for constitutional amendments to asking officials to make vows when taking new positions to protecting elephants in the Central Highlands. Even though he is a NA deputy for Dong Nai Province, his reputation has reached far and wide as many people from other provinces came to visit him at home. He is also a trusted source for media interviews.

But he still said he was ashamed of himself.

Is he being too sensitive? Or is there anyone else who should also be ashamed of themselves? Will the deputies who never say anything or make insulting comments or those that have been dismissed and prosecuted be ashamed?

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