Hanoi milk tea shop attracts customers with early morning services
  • | | June 18, 2024 01:43 PM
A milk tea shop in Hanoi has attracted many customers after opening as early as 4 am.

A milk tea shop in Hanoi attracts many customers after opening as early as 4 am.

Hundreds of young customers queued in front of a milk tea shop on Tong Dan Street at 3.30 am on a Sunday.

Joining the queue, Hoang Quyen, 19, a student from Hanoi University, said she recently heard about the shop and wanted to try the experience.

"My boyfriend and I came here at 3.20 am and were surprised to see the crowded scene," Quyen said. "It's not the drinks that attract us but the strange and special atmosphere that brought us here. People say this is a nice place to watch Hanoi in the early hours, and we want to try it."

Another customer, Phan Quynh, said she and three close friends came here from Haiphong City.

"We drove over 100 kilometres here and hoped to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Hanoi streets in the early morning," Quynh said. "But it's not quiet here at all. But it's a new experience anyway."

The shop has large glass doors that offer a good view of Hanoi streets. The shop owner, Le Van, said she first intended to open from 4 am between June 1-9 but then decided to make it a regular opening time as it received many customers.

"Many customers said they wanted to enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of Hanoi streets," Van said. "Others said they wanted to try a new experience or enjoy the cool morning air during hot summer."

While the shop has always been crowded since its opening, some customers shared that they were trying a new trend.

"I came with a group of five close friends here today, and I saw that most of the other customers were newcomers like us," 20-year-old Thu Ha said. "Both the drinks and the atmosphere are ok for a first try, but we're not going to return to this place."

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