Fury room in Hanoi offers stress relief
  • | danviet, | July 12, 2017 12:45 PM
The Fury Room in Hanoi is the perfect destination for those who can just let loose and destroy as much furniture as they want.

For just VND149,000 (USD6.55) customers visiting the location on Le Dai Hanh Street can wreck the room in any way they want. Even though the room has been opened for only two months, it has attracted many people, especially popular among young people, as a way to relieve pent-up stress and anger.

Nguyen Ngoc Thinh, the founder of the room, said he worked in the customer service before and had met many people.

"Some days, I had to work 12-hour days with hundreds of people so I got angry very easily but there was no way for me to get it out. I decided to open this room so I could vent my anger first and balance my life. Then I wanted to share it with other people who also face huge pressures," he said.

People, as varied as office workers to students, seek out the Fury Room.

"Many young people, even high-schoolers came here after a stressful graduation exam. Many said they felt like their heads would explode from the pressure from their families to pass the university exam. They just want to vent it out on inanimate objects," Thinh said.

Before entering the room, customers must wear a protective suit so that they won't injure themselves. Then they are given various weapons like the baseball bat, golf club or rubber gun. The furniture in the room includes second-hand televisions, phones and electric rice cookers.

A customer who wants to remain anonymous, said, "This is the first time I decided to break a TV without having to think about the consequences. This is interesting. I just hit it and hit it and not care about anyone or anything else. After breaking the whole room, I felt relieved."

Some photos of the Furry Room in Hanoi:


The fury room in Hanoi gaining fame among office workers and students


Preparing protective suits



Baseball bats wielded in the room

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