People in Hue, Hanoi buy watermelons to help flood-hit farmers
  • | dtinews | April 09, 2015 04:00 PM

Many people in Hanoi and the central city of Hue are buying watermelons to help flood-hit farmers in Quang Nam Province.

Dozens of hectares of watermelons in Quang Nam Province were flooded in recent heavy rain, causing major losses for local households. A large number of watermelons were ruined, while those that could be saved were snapped up by traders at VND1,000-1,500 a kilogramme.


People in Hue buying watermelons to support farmers in Quang Nam

Young people in the central region of Vietnam launched a campaign to call on people’s support for the flood-ravaged farmers by buying their watermelons at better prices.

More than four tonnes of watermelons were transported from Danang City to Hue and were sold within hours at VND4,000 a kilogramme, which went to farmers to help compensate them for their losses.


A kilogramme of watermelons sold at VND4,000 in Hue

In Hanoi on April 9, Quang Nam Province’s watermelons fetched even higher prices under a similar campaign.

Vo Thanh Son, who lives at Nam Do Urban Area in Hai Ba Trung District of Hanoi, said about 10 tonnes of watermelons was transported to the area, with six tonnes sold in the morning at VND7.000 a kilogramme.


Quang Nam’s flooded-hit watermelons fetch good prices in Hanoi 

A further 10 tonnes of watermelons transported to Hai Ba Trung Street sold out, Son added.

A watermelon stall on Nguyen Xien Street in Thanh Xuan District was crowded with customers wanting to help Quang Nam's farmers.


A watermelon stall in Hanoi


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