People call for pesticide manufacturing company shutdown
  • | nguoilaodong, | September 23, 2013 02:52 PM
 >>  Pesticide maker fined for dumping

Thousands of people in Thanh Hoa Province are calling for a local pesticide company to shut down and scientists to check their living environment when their health are being affected. 

Local people have signed up in a free medical check-up programme for cancer after a pesticide manufacturer dumped untreated chemicals in the area.


 Thousands of people register on the programme

On September 21 and 22, Thanh Hoa Pediatric Hospital, Vietnam National Hospital for Cancer and Thanh Hoa General Hospital jointly held the two-day free programme for people that live near Nicotex Thanh Thai Company in Cam Thuy District.

Nearly 1,600 people from three communes registered on the programme on the first day, but doctors were only able to consult and give fast check-ups to 1,400 people. Most people complained of headaches, nausea and shortness of breath. They were advised to get a more thorough check-up at provincial hospitals and also given free medicine supplements.



 Old people and children are prioritised

Also on September 21, the National Assembly Deputies Delegation of Thanh Hoa had a meeting with the locals to gather opinions. Over 6,000 people had signed their names in a letter of denunciation and asked authorities to conduct a prosecution against Nicotex Thanh Thai Company.

"We want the company to shut down completely in our neighbourhood. Authorities must send scientists to check the living environment and provide clean water for three affected communes." Nguyen Thi Lanh from Thang Long Village said.

Le Nam, deputy head of the delegation, said they will deal with the problem as fast as possible. "The company has made serious violations by burying untreated chemicals. We still need to carry out some more investigations before we can prosecute them with proper evidence," he said.


 Many people gathered in a meeting with the NA Deputies Delegation of Thanh Hoa

In mid-August, local residents in Cam Van Commune filed a complaint to local authorities against Nicotex Thanh Thai Company, accusing them of dumping chemicals. Later, the company's director admitted that they had buried 1.38 tonnes of said chemicals and pesticides. Tests run by the Plant Protection Department revealed that soil contain traces of Cyper-methrin, a highly toxic substance.

The company was fined over VND421 million (USD20,000) and the people were provided with free healthcare services to see if the chemicals had affected local residents.

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