Ironwood trees of Ba Be National Park disappearing
  • | VietnamNet, dtinews | June 25, 2012 05:31 PM

Illegal loggers have been setting their sights on the ironwood trees of Ba Be National Park, risking the disappearance of the species in the area.

The destruction of ironwood trees has been a problem for many years, but has become more problematic in recent years as the value of the wood has increased.

After the ironwood forests in Na Ri and Bach Thong districts were destroyed, loggers turned to national forest areas, including Ba Be National Park, where a number of patrol stations have been set up.

Photos of Ba Be National Park early June:


Loggers arrange networks in Ba Be National Park to let them know when authorities are coming


Ironwood tree cut down


Logs taken away




Loggers leave behind damaged trees


Trees in pieces


Loggers cut down an ironwood tree


After being cut down, the trees are sawed into round pieces, many to be transported to Lang Son Province, where they will fetch a higher price


Wood waiting to be hauled away


Rangers bust an iroon wood logging operation


Kitchen of a temporary forest camp


Ironwood trees seized by rangers at Cho Don Station

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