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Influencer seeks police help after discovering hidden toilet cam
  • | | June 27, 2024 06:27 PM
A female online influencer in HCM City is working with police after discovering a hidden camera installed in a toilet of a local studio where she was working.

Chau Bui shares on her Facebook account the camera installed in a toilet of a studio where she was working in HCM City.

In a Facebook status posted early Tuesday morning, Chau Bui said that she was shocked after finding that she was being secretly filming in the toilet and wanted to voice her concerns.

"I was taking photographs for a brand at a famous studio in District 3 at 2pm on June 23," she wrote. "I had looked around the restroom before changing clothes and found nothing abnormal. But about 30 minutes later, I suddenly noticed a black object which looked like a watch hidden behind a white towel. I took it off and guessed it was active due to a flashing light. I brought it to my assistants to ask them to help define what it was and then we found that it was a camera. I was really shocked."

After extracting the pictures from the covert camera, Chau Bui's crew and the studio discovered several sensitive photographs of the model that had been taken.

A staff member of the production crew later admitted that he had secretly put up the hidden camera to record the model while she was getting dressed in the restroom.

Chau Bui and representatives of the studio have reported the case to the local police.

Talking with Dantri/Dtinews, Chau Bui said that she is now working with the police.

"I thought a lot before deciding to go public," she said. "I hope that this helps raise people's awareness, especially young girls and celebrities that hidden cameras can now be found in many public places. I hope that people would be more careful and no one faces the same situation as me."

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