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Vietnam Days in France 2023 to get underway in Paris
  • | VOV | November 08, 2023 12:00 PM
Vietnam Days in France 2023 will officially open in Paris on November 8 as part of activities being held to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic ties and 10 years of the Vietnam-France strategic partnership.

The two-day event is expected to attract the participation of representatives from relevant ministries, agencies, and businesses from both countries.

Dao Quyen Truong, deputy director of the Department of Cultural Affairs and UNESCO in Vietnam, said the programme is expected to promote the country’s image, land, and people to the Vietnamese community abroad and international friends.

The scheme will therefore contribute to fostering the long-standing relationship that exists between both sides moving forward.

The highlight will be an art performance and Vietnamese cultural space in France. The art programme will run with the theme of "Colors of Vietnam" and is expected to showcase traditional Vietnamese arts to the French audience such as Vi Giam folk songs, southern folk songs, Cham dance, lion and dragon dances, and VOVINAM martial arts.

Most notably, the impressive Ao Dai fashion show will introduce 20 sets of ancient costumes from the Nguyen Dynasty.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Cultural Space in France will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy 25 engraved lacquer works with the theme of "French architectural imprint in the heart of Hanoi".

Moreover, several photos of world heritage sites which have been recognised by UNESCO are expected to help visitors gain greater insights into a beautiful, majestic, and rich Vietnam.

After South Africa and France, "Vietnam Days Abroad 2023" will continue to be held in Japan in late November.

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