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Exhibition highlights French culture’s imprint on Hanoi
  • | Nhan Dan | December 08, 2017 04:00 PM
An exhibition entitled ‘French culture’s imprint through archives’ officially opened at the National Archives Centre 1 in Hanoi on December 7, aiming to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam – France diplomatic ties (2018).

The exhibition features the influence of French culture on Vietnam, particualrly Hanoi, in many fields. (Credit:

The event is held by the Vietnam State Archives and Records Department in collaboration with the National Archives of France.

On display are 150 documents, photos and artefacts which are imbued with France’s cultural identity and show the influence of French culture on Vietnam, particularly in the capital of Hanoi, in many fields.

The exhibition is divided into three themes: ‘From an East Asian city to a European-styled capital’, ‘Reception of Western education’, and ‘The mission to preserve memories of the archives’.

The imprint on planning and architecture during the special historical period has created both an ancient and modern capital which has become an attractive destination for Vietnamese and foreign visitors. Many works have become Hanoi’s heritages, such as French Governor-General of Indochina, the Hanoi Opera House, the Post Office, Hang Co Railway Station and Long Bien Bridge.

In addition, visitors to the exhibition can learn more about the introduction of Western education to Vietnam during the late 19th century. Schools which were built during this period are still an integral part of the capital’s school system, including Chu Van An High School, Dong Khanh – Trung Vuong Secondary School, Tran Phu High School, Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

With the mission of preserving the memory and the archives, the Archives and Library Service of Indochina was formed in 1917, which marked the turning point of Vietnamese archives sector.

The exhibition will run until March 7, 2018.

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