Readers build house for poor family
  • | | November 28, 2015 10:31 AM

Dan Tri readers have helped a family in Binh Thuan Province’s mountainous commune of Nghi Duc with construction of a new home.


Duong Thi Von in the new house

Le Quy Thich and Duong Thi Von are both from poor background but found a happy family life together. Unfortunately, Thich was injured in a traffic accident while Von was pregnant. Even though Thich survived, he lost a third of his brain, has troubles with walking and is unable to work.

Von worked hard and borrowed money to cure her husband even though she was near childbirth. After their daughter was born, Von became the sole pillar for the family as she takes odd jobs to take care of Thich, raise their daughter and pay their debt. However, despite her hard work for the last six years, the small income hasn't quite covered the nearly VND100m debt.


Von's daughter, Le Mong Thuy Duong

"I paid them the interest if they seek me out. They'll yell and beat me up a little but they'll leave. I'll work until I have more money to pay," she said.

Since the family didn't have a house, an acquaintance let them stay at their cabin by the stream. Without electricity, water or toilet, they have to make-do.


Neighbours' gift for the new house

After their story was published, the family has received support from many readers. Thanks to the communal Red Cross Organisation, kind readers and neighbours, they was able to buy a VND80m (USD3,800) house.

"I'm so happy, thanks to your help that we have a house, my husband has medicine and my daughter can continue her studying," Von said.

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