Loggers rampantly destroy Phu Yen protective forest
  • | dtinews.vn | May 08, 2020 02:43 PM
Illegal loggers in Phu Yen Province have destroyed a large area of the protective forest that spans Tay Hoa and Song Hinh districts.


Several paths for illegal logging opened

The logging hotspot is about 5km from Song Hinh Hydropower Reservoir. The loggers have already made a one-metre wide path to transfer equipment and vehicles. Large trees were chopped down along the path. The fallen trees are among the largest with a diameter of 30-60cm. The trees are sawn into timber on the spot before they were transported.

This area is under the protection of the forest rangers in both Tay Hoa and Song Hinh districts and the protective forest management boards in the two districts.

The logging activities were reported by the locals over a month ago. The forest rangers quickly removed the tents they found along the path.



Many large trees destroyed

Nguyen Van Doan, head of the Department of Forest Protection in Song Hinh District said the logging spot is located deep inside the forest. Since the loggers were active at night with many guards, it had proved really hard to catch them.

"If this spot is not detected in time, the scale and consequences may even be larger. The loggers open paths from various directions so we can't find out which is their main route yet. After we received the report, three employees have taken shifts to patrol the forest and we haven't found any loggers," he said.

The authorities are counting the cut-off trees and block the paths the loggers used. They are investigating and searching for the loggers.

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