Tam Dao National Park pine trees illegally exploited
  • | tienphong, dtinews.vn | December 19, 2019 03:47 PM
Police in Vinh Phuc Province are investigating thousands of pine trees in Tam Dao National Park which have been exploited for resin for a long time.


Tam Dao National Park pine trees illegally exploited

Do Thanh Hai, director of Tam Dao National Park, confirmed that the bark of thousands of pine trees has been shaved for resin exploitation. The national park has reported to the provincial authorities and Vietnam Administration of Forestry. Vinh Phuc Province People's Committee and the police are investigating the case.

A total 1,300 pine trees have been damaged. The 98 ha pine forest is allocated to four households. Le Xuan Cuong is responsible for 29.7 ha of pine forest but 1,050 pine trees under his care were damaged. All of the trees were deeply scarred. Luu Van Ba is responsible for 26.9 ha of pine forest and Luu Van Hoa was to care for 16.2 ha but 50 and 200 trees were damaged in their areas respectively.

The grooves often have a diameter or length of more than 20cm. Both the households and the forest rangers are to blame for the violation of Tam Dao National Park's rules and governmental Resolution 35 on administrative fines in the forestry industry. Resin exploitation will hinder the trees' development. The forest rangers haven't been able to determine the impact of the violation on the forest.

Many of the damaged trees in Tam Dao National Park are several decades old with a diameter of 50 to 100cm. It is estimated that the exploitation has been going on for about two years. Tents and cookers were found near the mountain top.

Several locals were hired to collect the resin in nylon bags. A person would come to collect the bags in the morning. Each kilo of resin is sold for VND50,000 (USD2) to VND100,000.

Many people have questioned why the authorities didn't notice any strange activities in the forest while a local can be caught just collecting firewood.

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