Authorities warn over feeding monkeys on Son Tra Peninsular
  • | dtinews.vn, LD | September 27, 2018 07:20 AM
Many visitors to Son Tra Peninsular in the central city of Danang still feed monkeys despite warnings from authorities.

Lao Dong Newspaper has received a short clip from a reader of monkeys being fed by visitors in Son Tra Nature Reserve, including children. The animals were given cakes and sweets. 


A monkey eats cakes given by visitors on Son Tra Peninsular

A representative from the local forest management board said initially, people often just see them, and then gradually they feed them, so the monkeys are familiar with this.

“Earlier some monkeys appeared near the place where the place where the clip was filmed. We warned nearby guesthouses and hotels of this to prevent them from entering there and also restrict visitors from feeding them,” he said.

He added that, however, recently another group of monkeys continued coming to the area.

“We are only are responsible for warning visitors of the risks of feeding the monkeys, but many people still try to do this. To date, there are no sanctions for these people,” he noted.

Many people rushed to Son Tra Peninsular to capture photos of red-shanked douc langurs, raising concerns that this would affect their environment.

In 2015, a woman was attacked by a monkey when she was visiting Son Tra Peninsular.

According to experts, more effective measures should be adopted to protect Son Tra Nature Reserve.

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