Police find 48 dead monkeys, arrest trader
  • By Nguyen Duy | dtinews.vn | January 29, 2015 08:49 PM

Environmental police in central Nghe An Province have arrested a local man for illegally trading wild and rare animals after a raid that uncovered 48 dead monkeys inside freezers.

Working with provincial police, environmental police raided the house of Tran Gia Ngu in Tuong Duong District and discovered the dead animals.

Two monkeys were found alive in Ngu's basement, but both had suffered serious leg wounds and were weak from ill health. Dozens of weasels were also found, as well as four Sunda flying lemurs, and wild boars.


 A live monkey found in Ngu's basement

Ngu told police he bought the animals from local people and was planning to sell them.

Police are expanding their investigation.


 Dead animals inside freezers

The Forest Protection Department says Vietnam is a trafficking hotspot for wild animals and a major transfer point in the global illegal animal trade.

Police have seized an increasingly large number of wild animal in the central and central highlands regions in recent months. 

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