Education affiliated with foreign institutions put under microscope
  • | VOV | March 30, 2024 05:03 AM
The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has requested that local educators move to strengthen the state management over education programmes affiliated with foreign institutions in their localities in order to redress any wrongdoings.

The American International School Vietnam (AISVN) in Ho Chi Minh City has been requested to suspend enrollment for the next school year following financial violations committed.

In a recently issued dispatch, the MoET affirmed that in the context of the internationalisation of education, Vietnam always promotes international cooperation in education.

State management agencies create conditions for organisations, individuals, and economic sectors to fully engage in educational cooperation alongside foreign partners. Integrated and/or affiliate programmes have reaped positive results, offering learners the chance to access quality education services whilst contributing to improving the overall quality of education and training.

However, through recent inspections in some localities, several educational establishments were found to have violated some provisions of law, thereby impacting leaners’ legitimate rights and posing a high risk to the education system.

The MoET has asked the Departments of Education and Training of all provinces and cities across the country to review all educational institutions that are deploying integrated education programmes and those affiliated with foreign educational institutions in a bid to ensure they operate in compliance with legal regulations.

Violations will therefore be promptly and strictly handled if any, the MoET said in its dispatch.

The MoET request comes after relevant agencies recent found wrongdoings at the American International School Vietnam (AISVN) based in Ho Chi Minh City. Early this month teachers refused to give lessons, causing nearly 1,400 students not to follow their daily routine courses. The head of the school later admitted that the school has not paid the wages and insurance for its teachers.

Currently, the head of the school has been banned from leaving the country and the school has suspended enrollment for the next school year.

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