US’ continued long-term investment in Fulbright University Vietnam praised
  • | VOV | March 20, 2024 08:39 AM
Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai welcomed the United States' continued long-term investment in Vietnam's Fulbright University at a meeting held with Professor Thomas J. Vallely, director of the Vietnam Program at the US Harvard University and Fulbright University Vietnam experts, on March 19 in Hanoi.

At the reception (Photo:VGP)

At the meeting, the Deputy PM affirmed that the Vietnamese Government will continue to pay close attention to and support this place in becoming one of the high-quality human resource training centres in the nation.

He therefore applauded Prof. Vallely's important contributions to advancing mutual relations, including in the fields of education and policy dialogue, as well as stressing that the Professor "is truly a close friend to Vietnam".

The signing of the Joint Declaration by both Vietnamese and US leaders to upgrade the relationship between the two countries to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has created a foundation in which to further promote in-depth ties, especially links in the field of education and training, Deputy PM Khai told his guest.

Currently, the two sides are beginning to specify the contents of the joint statement. With the signing of the ministerial-level co-operation memorandum on education and training in November, 2023, Deputy PM Khai believes that this will be the basis to promote practical collaboration between US and Vietnamese universities.

On behalf of the Vietnamese Government, Deputy PM Khai personally thanked Prof. Vallely, Harvard Kennedy School, and Fulbright University for closely co-ordinating with the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs to actively promote and prepare the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP) 2024.

In response, Prof. Vallely gave an overview of the expected content of the VELP program and emphasized that he is looking forward to the discussion programme at VELP 2024 with more dynamic and updated content, consistent with current developments globally, as well as in accordance with the development of the Vietnamese economy. This is especially with regards to solutions to ensure macroeconomic stability, fiscal and monetary policies, and sustainable economic development in a fluctuating global context.

According to Prof. Vallely, within the framework of the VELP 2024, experts should both share and discuss topics related to renewable energy development, network security, cloud computing, global chip manufacturing, AI, and the prospects for Vietnam participating in these value chains.

Deputy PM Khai thanked Prof. Vallely for sharing the contents of the VELP 2024, as well as the valuable cooperation of Professor Thomas Vallely and Harvard University and Fulbright University in recent times.

He expressed his hope that the scheme will suggest new ideas for Vietnamese agencies to develop and carry out development policies, not only proposing specific, feasible, and appropriate policies suitable for Vietnamese conditions, but also providing priority focuses, roadmaps, and the ability to connect with international resources.

Deputy PM Khai expressed his wish that the joint ties between both sides in general and cooperation in the fields of policy dialogue, human resource development, education, and training in particular will have stronger and more substantial developments in the near future.

He expressed his hopes that high-level policy exchange programmes like VELP will continue to be implemented effectively and practically over the coming years.

The Deputy PM assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to co-ordinate with ministries and agencies to carefully prepare content for deeper discussions on the VELP.

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