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Hai Ba Trung - Vietnamese heroines featured on luxury Swiss watch
  • | VNA | June 06, 2023 03:07 PM
An image of Hai Ba Trung or Trung Sisters – two Vietnamese heroines who raised an army and went to battle to protect their ancestral homeland in the year 43 AD – has been present in a new collection of high-end Swiss watch company Christophe Claret.

High-end Swiss watch company Christophe Claret introduces Hai Ba Trung watch. (Photo:

The collection, named “Legend”, was unveiled by Christophe Claret in 2021, to honor famous historical figures in world history. Recently, images and specific information about the special watch have been announced.

On its Facebook official fan page, Christophe Claret said it wanted to pay homage to the two Trung sisters, known as “Hai Ba Trung”, who were Vietnamese heroines in the first century and repelled foreign invaders.

Famous painter Andre Martinez is the author of the painting, it added.

The watch “Hai Ba Trung” is a Westminster minute repeater flying tourbillon provided with a four jaquemart automatons featuring the heroines riding elephants.

The Westminster minute repeater mechanism allows users to play a musical tune when the quarters ring. Each quarter has a different ringtone. This ringtone, resulting from a collaboration between Christophe Claret and a virtuoso violinist, offers notes with optimal quality.

The company has not announced the official price of the watch. However, it is appraised between 714,000 and 747,000 USD.

Christophe Claret has paid tribute to numerous revered historical figures on their watches, including King Naresuan, a highly esteemed monarch in Thailand’s history; French Emperor Napoleon, and Genghis Khan, the visionary founder of the Mongolian empire./.

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