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Waste exchange for goods at Danang fair
  • |, Tienphong | July 11, 2024 07:23 AM
A fair is being held in Danang's Thanh Khe District in which visitors can bring recycled waste in exchange for goods.

Visitors bring recycled waste in exchange for goods at a fair in Danang.

The fair, which is being held once every three months at the Dong Xuan Culture & Community House by the Youth Union of An Khe Ward, has attracted lots of visitors since its opening in 2023.

People usually bring used cans, cartons, and plastic waste to exchange for some essential foods including fruits and vegetables.

Phan Tran Hai Giang from An Khe Ward Youth Union said that the fair was oragnised to raise people's awareness about environmental protection.

"People, especially children and young people can learn about different kinds of rubbish and the importance of waste classification when they come to the fair and choose the waste that can be exchanged for goods," Giang explained. "The value of the goods may be small but we're happy that people have realised the meaning of our activities. Many parents have brought their children to the events."

A local woman, Nguyen Thi Ngai, said that she brought a big bag of used cans to the fair and chose some fruits in exchange.

"I find it a meaningful event so I’ve brought my two children here with me," Ngai said. "They're both eager to learn about different kinds of waste and how some waste can be recycled. The fair has attracted lots of visitors so it's really exciting every time it opens."

According to the organisers, they collected 1,421 used cans, 1,240 plastic bottles, and 45 kilos of used papers during a fair held in the second quarter of this year.

"These recycled waste will be sold to raise funds to support students from low-income families," the organisers said.

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