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Thailand’s capital city boosts measures for tourists’ safety
  • | VNA | March 01, 2024 10:00 AM
A series of measures were announced by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on February 29 to better ensure safety for foreign tourists in the capital city of Thailand.

The measures to protect foreign tourists from overcharging and rip-offs were devised during a meeting with multiple agencies under the chair of Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Puangphet Choonlaiad.


Visitors to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

The meeting discussed foreign tourists being hounded by tuktuk and taxi drivers, coercing them to shop for goods and services from their affiliated shops, the traffic situation, and different aspects of tourism safety.

Speaking after the meeting, BMA Permanent Secretary Wanthanee Wattana said that among the measures, the BMA will employ artificial intelligence technology with its extensive network of security cameras to monitor violations of traffic laws, sidewalks blocked by vendors, and violations of parking bans on major roads frequented by foreign tourists.

Stickers will be issued for tuktuks, taxis, and shops to certify that they will not overcharge tourists. The stickers will signify that the shops and vehicles have been registered by the BMA and will not rip off tourists. Signs will warn tourists against being lured into being overcharged for goods and services.

The BMA will join forces with other government agencies to monitor and fine opportunists who overcharge tourists, Wanthanee said, noting that it will also seek help from the public to monitor such crimes.

The administration will also provide useful information for tourists such as publicising telephone numbers via which they can call to seek help, or publishing guide books informing tourists of shops that offer goods and services at friendly prices, she added.

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