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What's on Feb 12-18/2024
  • | | February 12, 2024 02:11 PM


Hanoi-Huong Pagoda Festival

Until May 1

Featuring sightseeing trips to pagodas, temples and caves which are the main attractions at the Huong pagoda festival, and join ceremonies to ask for favours from Lord Buddha.



Hanoi-Exhibition “Happy Ever After”

Until Mar 20
Floor 2, Mipec Long Bien, No. 2 Long Bien 2, Long Bien District
From the organizer:

Wishing hundred years of happiness for newlyweds on their wedding day expresses Vietnamese people’s sincere desire for a lifetime of joy and fullfillment. What is happiness? What does it take to make us happy? These seemingly simple questions are hard to answer, since each person’s idea of happiness is conditioned by a different life journey.

Through the practice of art using traditional lacquer materials and experiments with different modern materials such as metals and synthetics, the limits of materials expand to change forms and spatial dimensions. These new techniques offer a visually rich experience, creating new emotional expressions and artistic concepts.

In this exhibition, I continue to develop the art project “A Thousand Portraits of Mattresses”, a fusion of sculpture and painting that I’ve been pursuing for the past 10 years and will continue to do so in the future. Displaying mattress artworks alongside traditional paintings of people, landscapes, and objects, I want to invite reflections of life and its essence, of past and present, of time and space, while embracing dreams and realities that humans bear.

The exhibition is not my definition of happiness but merely my observations and reflections of life through the lines, forms, and colors. It is my own searching as an artist of the essence of art, of beauty and grit, of happiness and suffering, and ultimately, the meaning of life.

Hanoi-Exhibition “The Middle Land”

Until Apr 20
Artigin Art Space – Lotte Mall Westlake Office Lobby. 683 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho District
From the organizer:

A territory residing “in the middle.” Amidst the past, amidst the future. Between the edges of the tangible and the boundless. What we once understood about the contemporary realm now materializes as sudden occurrences, seemingly sensible yet rich in anomalies. A familiar obsession, seemingly empty and lacking in information.

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Hue City-Display of royal documents on Hue Citadel building

Nearly 100 royal documents on Hue Citadel building are on display for the first time at Ngo Mon Square in the Imperial City of Hue.

Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province-”Fields of Optics | Chapter I: Biocenosis”

Until Feb 21, 2024
Le Lycée Gallery
Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, No. 2 Le Lai, Ward 5, Da Lat City
From the organizer:

After the excursion for 3 young artists to the natural sceneries of traditional French architecture in Da Lat “Art Trail #01 – Travelling & Open Studio”, Lân Tinh Foundation, along with Annam Gallery and Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, proudly introduces a new group show titled “Fields of Optics | Chapter I: Biocenosis” showcasing 35 works from 3 artists Phan Thị Thanh Nhã, Phạm Xeen and Hà My. All 3 artists are under the curatorial patronization from Lân Tinh Foundation, and are being represented by Annam Gallery.

“Biocenosis” is the first chapter from the series Fields of Optics, a project initiated by Lân Tinh Foundation. Field of optics is the entire area that can be seen when the eyes are focused on a single fixed point. Each individual possesses a particular visual field and colour spectrum, and what each person sees is characteristic and unique, even when they are observing the same object. It is this attribute that diversified in each artist’s creations.

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Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province- Outdoor display of antique artifacts

Until the end of 2024,
Pleiku City

An outdoor exhibition entitled “Tay Nguyen – Gia Lai Paradise” displaying antique artifacts of local ethnic people.

Highlights of the exhibition are a white elephant bone chair dating back 700 years and a collection of elephant hunting tools dating back more than 100 years of the M'Nong ethnic group.

On display are thousands of antique artifacts of collector Dang Minh Tam, including musical instruments, hunting and weaving tools, ceremonial objects, jewelry items and other items in the life of ethnic groups in the five Central Highlands provinces.

HCMC-Concurrent Exhibitions: “White Noise” & “Rhyming Gestures”

07 Aug 2023 – Jan 2024
10 am – 04 pm, Wed & Fri
EMASI Nam Long, 147 No 8, Nam Long Residential Area, D7,
10 am – 04 pm, Tues & Thurs
EMASI Vạn Phúc, 2 Street 5, Van Phuc Residential Area, Thu Duc District
From the organizer:

Nguyen Art Foundation (NAF) proudly presents ‘White Noise’ (curated by Van Do) and ‘Rhyming Gestures’ (curated by Thái Hà and Nhat Q. Vo) – two concurrent exhibitions with the participation of 19 artists from within and outside of our Collection. The exhibitions will take place simultaneously across the campuses of EMASI Nam Long (District 7) and EMASI Van Phuc (Thu Duc City) from August 2023 to January 2024.

As a series of re-configurations of existing artworks from within and outside of NAF’s Collection, ‘White Noise’ proposes an interpretation of the Foundation’s 2023 theme Community and Compassion through a post-pandemic and post-human lens with participating artists Dao Tung, Tran Tuan, Nguyen Phuong Linh, Lai Dieu Ha, Nguyen Huy An, Dinh Q. Le, Nguyen Tran Nam, Jeamin Cha, Cam Xanh and Nguyen Trung.

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