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Last tourist boat on West Lake dismantled
  • | | July 04, 2023 01:07 PM
The last tourist boat on Hanoi's West Lake is being dismantled after being left idle there for five years.

The work has been jointly carried out by local authorities and the Potomac Riverboat Company since July 1.



Large cranes and other equipment have been brought to facilitate the work.

The Potomac tourist boat is around 40 metres long and weighs 80 tonnes.

In 2017, Hanoi People’s Committee requested the end of all services on West Lake as part of their environmental protection measures. Since then, many floating restaurants remained abandoned as their owners did not want to spend money on their removal.

After finishing work on the Potomac boat on July 15, Tay Ho District will deploy a range of solutions to ensure the water environment, such as dredging the lake sediment, aerating the water, and releasing aquatic plants.

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